Boredom, Why Though?

What does an individual do when he finds himself in a situation wherein he is unable to be productive either personally or professionally?

This is the condition of boredom, wherein the individual faces a stifling, oppressive feeling of non-productivity and lethargy. Why does this condition arise? We afterall today have countless avenues of distraction and entertainment, so in all fairness we have no right to be bored compared to the previous generations.

The very fact that these avenues exist and the fact that the pace of life today  is much faster causes these situations. How does an individual, a part of the most attention deficit generation (to date) deal with this condition? Do the old concepts of hobbies and activities still hold weight?

I think they do, and along with the new and exciting opportunities which provide avenues for individuals to be productive while having fun and being entertained there are more choices than ever before to deal with this condition.

What we need to do is just seek them out.

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