Just a Hurdle


There will be times when everyone and everything around you seems to be out to get you. To make you feel stressed, to make you feel sad and to make you feel helpless.

Everyone feels this way at some point in their lives. It is both the boon and the bane of human existence. We are wonderful individuals, we are lucky to feel both happiness and despair. I say we are lucky because both of those feelings are useful. Though despair may make the world look bleak, cold and horrible, but always remember there is a silver lining; it is from those situations of desperation and pain that moments of profound insight and clarity arise. It is in those moments that we know who will stand by us, as a shoulder to cry on, a voice to support us up and as a soul to lift ourselves up.

Erase those furrows in your forehead out, lift your chin up. There is hope in the ghostliest of hollows. There is life in the deepest of chasms. There is love in darkest of times. All you need to do hope and fight, but always remember that you are not alone in that.


Capital Punishment – Does it work?

Capital Punishment, The state approved act of taking a life for a crime in the recent past has been gaining widespread support in India.

One of the cornerstones of the post-industrial civilized society in which we inhabit today is the sanctity of human life. A major differentiator is the fact that unlike a lot of civilizations of the past and even societies in the recent past human life as a whole irrespective of assumed differences in race, sex, religion etc., is considered precious. It is tragically contradictory that such a society which professes utmost regard for human life deems it fit to decide certain human beings do not deserve to enjoy to gift of life.

Any civilized society should seek to mitigate crimes from happening or work at rehabilitation of the offenders and not seek erase the existence of such deviants. A civilized society rather should accept the fact that those deviants are not aliens to that society but individuals from that society who have deviated from the common, accepted norms and mores of that society – due to various factors. It is the responsibility of the society as a whole to look into those factors that led to the crime and work to ensure that other individuals are not influenced by those same factors.

There are those who claim that capital punishments are extremely effective deterrents for crime. Most nations with the lowest crime rates are those who have abolished the death penalty and another aspect to note is that a majority of countries which still continue this practice are nations that are poor and/or authoritarian with a few notable exceptions.

Further, the fact is that our judicial systems are capable of making mistakes. An individual wrongly imprisoned for a crime has the opportunity to seek restitution for the mistakes that resulted in loss of a proper life; an individual wrongly executed does not have that luxury. If that is the case, then who bears the cost of a wrong judgement?

One of the cornerstones of law is that, an innocent individual should never be punished. If that miscarriage does happen, the law provides for restitution of the accused. What can be the restitution for a dead person? If death was the penalty for death, then shouldn’t the penalty for the wrongful death of a person be something equally similar? 

It may seem right emotionally to support capital punishment, but on introspection I find that capital punishment goes against the very values of the civilization we treasure.

Why nothing is done about climate change?


Disaster is a natural part of my evolution, toward tragedy and dissolution.”

Chuck Palahniuk, Fight Club

These are apocalyptic times. We are already acquainted with the inconvenient truths concerning climate change. Pollution, overpopulation, deforestation, etc. are making Earth into a ticking time bomb. Yet even when the evidence is overwhelming and catastrophe certain, there is not a lot of will to do something about it. We are not unhelpful pessimists when we say that all climate summits up until now have been failures and while we all know the Kyoto Protocol, we also know that the major polluters of this world (notably the United States) refuse to take part in it.

Recently Lieven De Cauter, a Belgian philosopher and political activist published a book containing a chapter on this topic. The book is called ‘Entropic Empire’ and the chapter I will discuss is ‘The Mad Max…

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Boredom, Why Though?

What does an individual do when he finds himself in a situation wherein he is unable to be productive either personally or professionally?

This is the condition of boredom, wherein the individual faces a stifling, oppressive feeling of non-productivity and lethargy. Why does this condition arise? We afterall today have countless avenues of distraction and entertainment, so in all fairness we have no right to be bored compared to the previous generations.

The very fact that these avenues exist and the fact that the pace of life today  is much faster causes these situations. How does an individual, a part of the most attention deficit generation (to date) deal with this condition? Do the old concepts of hobbies and activities still hold weight?

I think they do, and along with the new and exciting opportunities which provide avenues for individuals to be productive while having fun and being entertained there are more choices than ever before to deal with this condition.

What we need to do is just seek them out.

The Edge of Madness

Standing on the precipice

Victim of prejudice

Looking up, Looking down

All I say is

 God is a goddamn clown

Fear, loathing, stress and hate

I don’t know when they’ll abate

Looking right, Looking left

I do not know

When I will have no steam left

I don’t know when it will end

How many rules I will have to bend

I stand on the edge of madness

All I cling on

Is to the hope of happiness

Human, Cancer and The Planet – A comparative analogy

Imagine a living body, a healthy bio-system wherein all the parts are functioning in sync and are balanced.

Now imagine that same healthy bio-system, where due to some error in the genome matrix of a specific type of cells starts behaving erratically and starts consuming all the available resources thereby restricting the amount available for the other systems eventually resulting in the death of the bio-system.

Q: What is this condition called?

A: Cancer – a malignant tumor of potentially unlimited growth that expands locally by invasion and systemically by metastasis (source: Merriam-Webster)

Now imagine the earth a healthy balanced ecosystem, and one cell namely humans starts behaving erratically, exploding in population and rapidly consuming all the resources available as demonstrated in the following graph.

 ImageSo what are we as a race doing? Are we the cancer of this planet? Do we follow development until all that is left is a barren planet bereft of any other organisms, apart from us and the organisms (or what we call vermin) which feed on our abundant waste?

But, I choose to believe that there is still hope. There have been cases of malignant cancer regressing “miraculously” due to the DNA in them inexplicably righting themselves.

The society and social structure of the human race is our DNA, I hope it rights itself for the sake of the future of the planet and the human race, because cancer not only kills the body – it kills itself too in the end.