Human, Cancer and The Planet – A comparative analogy

Imagine a living body, a healthy bio-system wherein all the parts are functioning in sync and are balanced.

Now imagine that same healthy bio-system, where due to some error in the genome matrix of a specific type of cells starts behaving erratically and starts consuming all the available resources thereby restricting the amount available for the other systems eventually resulting in the death of the bio-system.

Q: What is this condition called?

A: Cancer – a malignant tumor of potentially unlimited growth that expands locally by invasion and systemically by metastasis (source: Merriam-Webster)

Now imagine the earth a healthy balanced ecosystem, and one cell namely humans starts behaving erratically, exploding in population and rapidly consuming all the resources available as demonstrated in the following graph.

 ImageSo what are we as a race doing? Are we the cancer of this planet? Do we follow development until all that is left is a barren planet bereft of any other organisms, apart from us and the organisms (or what we call vermin) which feed on our abundant waste?

But, I choose to believe that there is still hope. There have been cases of malignant cancer regressing “miraculously” due to the DNA in them inexplicably righting themselves.

The society and social structure of the human race is our DNA, I hope it rights itself for the sake of the future of the planet and the human race, because cancer not only kills the body – it kills itself too in the end.